Future pianist?

For my learning project I have decided to learn how to play the piano, or attempt to. When I was younger I took a few lessons but quit because I did not have enough time to practice it. I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument so this seemed like a great time to start. This is going to be like starting at rock bottom, I do not know how to read notes, or play much more than “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

I choose the piano because my younger sister plays and is very good at it. My mom and her sister used to play duets when they were youngers so I would like to eventually be able to play duets my sister too. Once I am able to fluently read notes, play at a high enough level and play a few different songs.

I am going to start with learning the notes and different scales in both major and minor keys. If that goes okay I am going to choose a song to try and tackle and see how it goes from there. YouTube is where I am going to go to start my journey.


2 thoughts on “Future pianist?

  1. This is great! I think youtubers will be able to give you lots of tips and tricks to help you learn fast. My advice to you is find a song you really like and #practicepracticepractice !!! Best of luck!


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