Feedly feed me!

I have just joined the RSS reader Feedly. Wow. What a cool site. It is or should be a dream come true for every blogger out there. I was amazed by the endless amount of blogs that continued to appear with every search I made. Everything you can possible think of can be found. ECMP 355 has opened up a whole new world of technology for me. Many, if not all, of these sites I have not ever heard of before.

To start my search, I started with something super simple being education. I found multiple blogs on there that interested me or seamed relevant. A few that caught my eye include “Edudemic” and “MindShift”. From there I looked into different sites that were more education technology based such as “Emerging Education Technologies”, and then grade or subject specific. One site I found that I think will become useful once I am submerged in a classroom is called “Smart Classroom Management”. A few of the articles I have read have to deal with managing the feelings, emotions, or behaviors of students so that you are able to see more success or have a more controlled classroom environment for both you and the students to work and learn in together.

After looking at educational blogs I found a couple different blogs that fulfill a few of my personal interests as well. A few areas I explored were fitness, clean eating, track and field, and fashion. I think it is so awesome to be able to read about and follow others journeys or opinions that are much like my own. I often learn best through experience so hearing and reading what others have been through is very encouraging and motivating to me.



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