A Whole New World

In ECMP 355 on Thursday, May 18th, I had my first ever experience in and educational online chat. Thanks to Katia, I now know what tweet deck is and how to navigate many different websites that I can use for my PLN.

Going into the #saskedchat I did not really know what to expect. I knew from class that it would be very fast paced and that there would be a lot to take in but I did not realize the depth of the conversation that was going to happen. I was please to find myself actively involved with answering the questions presented, commenting on and liking others tweets, and finding new users to follow. This experience was very eye opening to me and I am excited and feel encouraged to find different chats to explore and join, as well as join #saskedchat again in the future.

As I am a new user on twitter I am quickly finding different users to follow that tweet relevant and interesting information. I think in the future Twitter will play a huge role in my PLN because there is so so sooooo much good stuff happening. The convenience of twitter is also too good to resist. I like how I can spend the time I have before class or eating supper on twitter and always see new and interesting things even though I may only have a couple minutes to spend scrolling… or as some may say, lurking!

As the days and weeks go on, tweeting and commenting on what others are tweeting seems like less of a chore. I will be honest; at the beginning of the class I was not looking forward to the amount of tweeting I would have to do. I am happy to say it is starting to become something I enjoy doing. I have always been hesitant when posting or commenting on different social media platforms because I am worried about what others may think or say about me. In this class however, I have been trying really hard to push myself out of my comfort zone knowing that for many of us it is our first time bringing involved like we are now in a whole new world of technology. I have also been at ease knowing that we are all learning together and supporting each other every step of the way.


One thought on “A Whole New World

  1. Mooly, it is much easier when we are part of a learning community. Do you find that sometimes we must be careful who we let into our spheres? Sometimes I will get various marketing accounts who want to follow me. I allow this but do not want to risk my contacts being contact by them so I do not follow them back. I am not sure if that works?

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