Major progress…

This week in my learning project I have tackled the major scales and the chords on the piano. I am now able to slowly make it through the C, E, G, B, D#, and G# scales with both my left and right hand simultaneously. Little did I know there is many different types of scales and ways to play each and every one of them. I am also starting to pick up on reading notes, although I have mostly been learning from watching where the fingers are placed on the piano instead of the notes themselves.

One YouTube channel that has been very helpful for me when it comes to technique is called Piano Scales Book. There are many different concepts that are described and demonstrated on the piano while he is explaining. Another website that I found with many different videos (which can also be found on YouTube) is very useful too and provides description and a visual on how to do it as well.

With using both of these resources as a starting point I think that it will help me to develop the basic skills that I will need when learning to play a full piece and then maybe one day a duet.

I am pleased with my progress so far in my learning project. The initial awkwardness of where to put my fingers and what to do wit
h them is slowly disappearing. This makes me excited to continue learning.

Next step: Learning all the minor scales and cords that go with them.


4 thoughts on “Major progress…

  1. Great job! I like how you include your “Next Steps” at the end of the blog post. I too do something similar, as to not get overwhelmed with all that I want to learn. Scaffolding for ourselves is just as important as scaffolding in the classroom. If we focus on improving/learning just one or two things every week, we’ll have progressed so much by the end of June. A little bit at a time really adds up and gives us focus. Looking forward to more updates… Good luck!

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