Prezi- A New Way of Presenting

When I was in high school my teacher introduced me to Prezi but never taught me how to actually use it. At the time I stayed away because it always looked to complicated and I was comfortable using PowerPoint. When I saw it on the list of different apps that were useful in my ECMP 355 class I decided to give it another chance.

Prezi is an app much like PowerPoint. It can be used to make and give presentations on any topic you desire. With Prezi comes many different templates that cover a large variety of categories and each showcase different designs. This app is very pleasing to the eye. The way each and every Prezi look are very unique. When transitioning from slide to slide there are many different ways you can approach it. You can zoom in and view something that you have hidden deeper within your slide, you can slide over to a completely different area of the screen, or you can zoom out to another area as well. One thing about the freedom of transitions is that if they are to major the screen moves quite quickly and may cause your viewer to be motion sick. This is one thing I noticed when my teacher or classmates would show presentations in class using Prezi. Once and a while it is okay, but it is always good to be mindful of your audience and keep transitions smaller if possible.

Prezi is great because to share it with someone it is as simple as sending them the link to view your work. Another thing that is nice is that you can find other Prezi’s that are already created and share them as well. When viewing others however, be careful that all the information is correct and that it portrays the view, or tone you would like to have on the topic.

I think this is a great resource to implement in your teaching or for your students to use when they are giving a presentation. It opens the door for creativity and allows the students to at their own personality into their work.

Below I have include a link to a video that I made to provide a quick overview of what Prezi looks like and the basic features it has. I encourage you to play around with it to see what you can find and do on it!



3 thoughts on “Prezi- A New Way of Presenting

  1. I have been afraid to try Prezi as well.

    I am following your Prezi video to sign up for Prezi. However where your video shows Create a Basic account…Continue free mine shows “For students and teachers
    We offer discounts when you sign up using a valid school email address. Learn more. →”. When I click this link there is nothing free.

    So I google basic account prezi” which brought up a link to your next step in your video Not sure why I needed to go elsewhere? Now I will continue with your video for more instructions.

    Thank you for walking me through this. I now have an account and will check out my options. Much appreciated.

    There are two boxes in the submit comments section of your blog that are not clickable. It would be nice to be notified of new comments or posts by you. Is it possible to enable these?

    Notify me of new comments via email.

    Notify me of new posts via email.


    • I am not sure why you needed to go elsewhere either, but I am glad that you were able to figure it out!
      I tried adjusting my settings, let me know if it is fixed when you view it, because it appears to be fixed when I pull it up.


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