Around the World in a Second

In ECMP 355 on May 25, we had Alec Couros come as a guest speaker. He has been a guest speaker in my ECS class as well so I have had a couple of opportunities to listen to his message. Following class, I started watching An anthropological introduction to YouTube created by Michael Wesch. From both speakers the message I received was very similar. Our world, and technology are continuously changing.

One thing that really stood out to me that Wesch said in his video is that he thinks of media differently than a lot of people would think of it. He thinks of it as mediating human relationships. As media changes the way people interact with each other and communicate change as well (11:54). This made me stop and think about how technology is shaping our society today, some things better than the past and some things worse. Today it is extremely simple to communicate with anyone in the world, no matter where they are, within a matter of seconds. Although this convenience has benefited individuals, groups, and organizations, I think that is has had a negative impact on children and youth. Many younger individuals have poor conversation skills when face to face, poor grammar and spelling, and poor hand writing skills. This I believe is from the dependency of there devices whether it be an iPod, cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Couros talked about how technology has changed over the years. He began with talking about the first computers and floppy disks, something I did not know about. Couros progressed to what technology looks like today, for example, snapchat, Facebook, twitter, and much more. Many of the tools he talked about that we have today can be implemented into the classrooms. This technology cannot replace your teaching, however it can help create stronger understanding or help to keep the students engaged and connected.

Throughout my time in high school I was fortunate to have different technology such as smart boards, chrome books, or iPads available for the teachers to use in the classroom. I believe that the teachers were not educated enough on how to use these different devices or how to properly implement them to get the full benefit. This class has allowed me to begin to learn different ways different devices and apps can be used to supplement the learning of those you are teaching.


5 thoughts on “Around the World in a Second

  1. You have made some great points in your blog Molly. I appreciate your honesty about technology and how it has affected us as human beings positively and negatively over the years. My hope is that, since we are being educated more about technology in this ECMP 355, we can use technology positively in our future classrooms.

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  2. I definitely agree with you about how this new culture may be affecting ‘our’ youth. I think this makes digital literacy more important than ever. Teaching these young minds how to use this technology to help them learn and grow, and not to be ‘robots’ with a screen in front of them. Very fine line to walk!

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  3. Thank you for posting the video. It is an engaging documentation of the roots of YouTube up until 2008. From fake presence to a blossoming romance through to mirroring particularly catchy posts. It was a good listen. It is a great outlet for those on the shy side to get themselves out there – to who, who knows? For the senior citizens Youtube gives them a stage to showcase their knowledge and/or wit.

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  4. Hi Molly
    I really enjoyed your insight about technology, even though your comment about not knowing about floppy disks made me feel really old.(lol). I think you hit the nail on the head about kids losing certain skills because they are so focused on their screens. I also agree that technology’s potential is not being fully explored by teachers because of their lack of knowledge. I am very glad we are being offered this course.


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