Minor Scales


Here is a video of the progress I made last week!

This week:

Now that I have a good handle on the major scales, I took this week to work on the minor scales and chords. I can now play all the minor scales and chords with both hands simultaneously. The minor scales and chords include A, B, C#, D#. F and G. When learning to play these scales I continued to use the same resources that I used to learn the major scales and chords.

As I am learning the minor chords I am starting to make a connection in my head. The major side sounds much more joyful and happy, while the minor side sounds sadder and gloomy. I have also learned that every major scale is related to a minor scale. This means that they have the same keys, the difference is the starting point and that is what changes the sound of it. Another thing I learned is that there are three different types of minor scales. With this I decided to learn only the natural minor scales.

Now that I am getting more comfortable with playing I have been trying to focus on proper hand placements and posture while sitting at the piano. It is important to ensure that the bench is proper height and distance from the piano. You want your knees to be at about a 90-degree angle. Your back should be straight, and your wrist should make a straight line with your arm, this means that your elbows should also be at about a 90-degree angle. Lastly your fingers should be relaxed so that they are able to have a nice curve to them, if they are straight it makes moving freely from key to key very difficult.

Next step:

Begin learning the right hand of the piece I have chosen.


3 thoughts on “Minor Scales

  1. Hi Molly
    I was trying to look at your video and see your progress but for some reason says it’s “unavailable”?. Technically difficulties maybe? I will stay tuned to hear you play in your next video.


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