Let the music begin!


Here is the progress I made from last week’s minor scales.

This week:

This week I have decided what song I was going to learn how to play. I choose Mercy by Shawn Mendez. I am going to try and learn it by ear as well as following had placements and finger placements on the keyboard. I found a website with a few different YouTube videos as well as the notes that each hand should be playing. Both are helpful because sometimes the video is going too fast to be able to see exactly which key is being hit.

My reason for learning by ear is because I have not learned how time signatures work yet and what how long to play each not just by looking at them. This will be a work in progress for the future as I continue to progress with playing.  With learning by ear I have had a little trouble holding the notes for the right amount of time so that it sounds how it should, but the more I continue to practice the easier it is getting, and the better it is starting to sound.

I like the video I found because it shows both hands together as well as each hand separately.

Next week:

Continue learning the right hand because I have not yet learned it all. I am also going to try and find more sources that will help me with learning the piano such as different twitter accounts, or blogs.


7 thoughts on “Let the music begin!

  1. Way to go! I’m glad that you aren’t shying away challenging yourself just because you haven’t learned how time signatures work yet. I’m excited to see how you do learning the song by ear! I admire anyone with musical talent 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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