Cybersleuthing… some may just say creeping

In ECMP 355 we were talking about cyber sleuthing. Cyber sleuthing is as simple as googling a person , maybe someone you want to get more information about, and seeing what you can find. Little did I know that google has a filter that is personalized for every individual and is good at only bringing up information that they think you want to see. Sneaky and also kind of smart. During class Katia introduced is to a site called duckduckgo which prevents any bias to your search. My classmate Kymber Zahar willingly let me cyber sleuth her, so this is what I found when searching for her on both google, and duckduckgo.



-Born June 2nd

-Lives in Regina SK.

-Dark hair and blue eyes



-4th year in French Education

-Took a year to go to L’univeristé Laval in Quebec


Where she Kymber was found:

-Facebook… (I’m not on Facebook so I can’t attach a direct link)


WordPress blog




Overall Impression:

Kymber did not have a lot to online to find. Most of the information I found about her tied back to this class therefore is very recent. All of the information I seen about Kymber was also very professional which is great to see. I encourage you to keep building your digital identity in this class as well as outside this classroom in other classes or as you enter the field.

In Katia’s class she also talked about the importance of keeping your privacy settings high, on accounts such as Facebook, if it is something you would not like your future employers, students, or patents of students to see. It is also important to always be very conscience of how you are being seen in photographs that others are taking and posting of you. Once something hits the online world it is very hard to take it back so it our responsibility as current or future educators to be careful with what is shared.




2 thoughts on “Cybersleuthing… some may just say creeping

  1. hey kymber here,
    so funny thing i am actually born july 22. its weird beause when i google myself i find so much more information. I find things like my chess tournements from highschool, articles with me tagged in it and so on. Thats hilarious!


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