Coming Together.. one day it will sound like music

This Week:

I have been continuing my work on putting together both hands together in Mercy, by Shawn Mendez. It started out quite rough, but I think it is safe to say that it is starting to come together and sound much better now. Here is my progress so far!

I have also explored a few different blogs this week using Feedly as my search engine. Two of my favourite blog that I found are 88 Piano Keys and Color in My Piano . 88 Piano Keys provided different example of thing you can be doing off the piano that will help your learning, such as theory work. Color in My Piano had a few good articles about getting started playing the piano, and ways to stay motivated in your learning. One thing that both of these blogs had too was different example of apps you can get to help with learning different pieces of playing the piano.

Next Week:

I am going to continue learning the next part of the song hand together. As my song is coming together I am starting to look at different things that will need to be fixed or added at the end. I want my song to go from good to great before I am finished. A few things that I have seen are adding dynamics, louder and quieter parts to the song, and having a tempo that is right for the song, but a speed that I can still play with minimal mistakes. As I finish getting the song all put together those are things that I am, going to be thinking about. I am also going to explore different apps that I have found on the different blogs I explore this week.


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