One Step Closer

This week I finished learning the rest of the song hands together.

I also explore a couple of the free apps I found on the blogs I explored last week. If it had been earlier on in my learning project I would have thought about purchasing a couple if the reviews and uses of them seamed suitable, but since we are nearing the end I decided to go with the free option.

One of the apps I explored, MusicNotes Deck, is to help with remembering music theory, which I have not had a ton of time to focus on. This app is like a set of flash cards. On the card is something you should recognize such as a sharp or rest, and at the bottom of the card is a little sound button that you can click on and it then tells you the correct answer. I think this app would be useful for when I do get a chance to do more work on the theory.

The second app I looked at is to teach sight reading, something I also did not have a chance to work a lot on. This app is called Piano Maestro. This one is more suitable for younger children who are trying to learn the piano, and for them would be very helpful. I do not see myself want to use it in the future.

Next Week:

For my final week of the learning project I am going to work on fine tuning my piece. Things I am going to work on will be dynamics, tempo, and I might even try to add some pedaling in.


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