Coding.. Behind the scenes!

This week I had the opportunity to explore coding. I have never tried coding or any simplified versions of coding previous to this so it was a learning experience for sure! The two different sites I explored were Scratch and Hour of Code.

Scratch I found rather frustrating because it became quite challenging to make your kitty or other animal do anything that seamed normal. After playing around on it for quite some time I decided to take a break because I was going nowhere. I am going to go back and take another look at this site when I have more time to see if it becomes easier after falling a more structured website.

The site that I had more success with was Hour of Coding. I found it easier because it had instructions or an end goal of what you wanted to do so it seemed less complicated. I choose to explore the flappy bird game and see how they started to construct it.

Through trying out the different coding websites I learned that there is an endless amount of options for how games can look, sounds, or be manipulated just with a few simple changes in what was inputed.

I think coding is something that can be fun and interesting for kids and students to try out. They are used to just playing the games rather than constructing them. By giving them a different point of view it allows them to engage more thought into what they are doing while still having fun! They can use their creativity to create something totally new, whether it is a game or just a pattern that they may move their kitty in on Scratch, or whether it is a more structured game they choose to explore in Hour of Code.


One thought on “Coding.. Behind the scenes!

  1. Hey Molly, I too found Scratch harder to follow beyond the instructions they give you. The instructions are specific to the example and don’t give you a whole lot to go off of. It involves a lot of trial and error which can be frustrating.

    The hour of code is definitely a good place to start before Scratch


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