Digital Slacktivist or Digital Activist… Which Will You Be?

After reading both of Katia Hildebrandt blog posts about social activism I have started to create my own opinion on the topic.

In the post In Online Spaces, Silence Speaks Louder than Words I agree with what Katia has to say. If we as future educators or current educators are bystanders to issues such as acts of racism or sexism in our world today, we are sending a message to students that it is not important to take a stand on these issues. I also agree with her when she says that we need to start using technology not for our own personal benefit, but instead to also speak out again some of these social issues that many people in our community, country, and world are experiencing. I don’t think that we necessarily have to speak out about every single issue that arises, but if we do take a stand on the ones that we believe the strongest about it will show to our students that we can all do our part to make our world a more enjoyable place for everyone to be a part of.

What Kind of (Digital) Citizen? talks about how we have to teach our students not only how to be safe online but also how to create a good image for themselves online. Digital Identity is become even more important today than it ever has been in the past because of how technology is growing.

I think that if educators can be a good role model for their students in their community online it will have a positive influence on our future generations. Today the easiest and quickest way to reach anyone around the world is through social media. It only takes one person to have a hashtag like #bringbackourgirls or start a campaign like Sit With Us for it to viral.


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