Grand Finally

My final product for my learning project is far from perfect but has come a long way from the start. I know that I did not play every single note correct and that my speed may not have been super consistent throughout but on the bright side I can finish the whole song hands together. I am still happy with how it sounds. I never thought that I would be able to pick up on it as easy as I had and am extremely pleased with the progress I have made.

Overall this learning project has taught me a ton and I had a lot of fun with it! I have learned how to play many of the different major and minor scales. Before that, I had to learn the name of each key on the piano. I learned about flats and sharps and how the same note can sometimes even have two different names.

While learning my song, Mercy by Shawn Mendez, I got better at hearing what sounded right and didn’t sound right because I was learning by looking at the hand placements of the YouTube video and how it sounded. I also learned what good hand and finger placement, and good posture looked like while sitting at the piano, where your head, legs, arms, and body should be positioned.

As I continue to play and learn songs I am going to practice learning how to read notes and rests on sheet music! I am also determined to learn how to play a duet with my younger sister.


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