Summary of Learning

ECMP 355 has taught me so much. It was only two short months ago that I feared many different areas of technology and did my best to avoid it at all cost. Today, I can successful write a blog post, or make a tweet. But not only can I make a blog post, I am able to make it look appealing by being able to add different hyperlinks, images, and even videos. And with twitter, I had the opportunity to participate in twitter chats, which before this class I had no idea what that even meant or that it even existed.

I have also learned so many behind the scene type of things, such as how to make a screen cast or upload a video to YouTube. These two things have helped me with my success in this course. I have always seen videos of people recording their screen with a voice over and to me this was impossible but, I learned that it is one of the simplest things to do and can be such a benefit in many different areas.

With technology I learned that it is our responsibility to show our students not only how to use technology (because they probably already know how to) but also how to be safe online,  and how to create an image that they are proud of others seeing. As educators we have to ensure that they do not put something online that they will grow to regret due to barrios it may cause them in the future. The most important thing is that one something is sent out to the online world it can never be taken back.

I give all the credit to Katia Hildebrandt, without her I would still be sitting here avoiding technology as much as possible.


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