Contribution of Learning

Throughout ECMP 355 I have tried my best to contribute in a variety of ways. Although I did not always know the answers, because I’m not the most tech savvy person around, I did share my thoughts and options through out the course.

Here is a few examples of the things I have done:


Throughout this class I have become consistent when it comes to tweeting and commenting on others tweet. The comments I have made may  not have sparked a ton of conversation, but I tried to be encouraging to others progress!

Google Plus

On google plus I did not participate very often, I often did not know how to answer the questions being asked or others answered them before I seen them. I did however ask a question that was then answered very quickly by my classmates.


I did my best when blogging to comment on someone’s blogs every day. Most of the times by offering my support, or asking questions such as where they may go.

Twitter Chat

I had the opportunity to participate in one twitter chat outside of class. It was a good experience. It was encouraging to hear from other teachers about how their divisions implement change in technology.


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