Ideological Literacy vs Autonomous Literacy Models

This week we were required to look deeper at a curriculum in which we hope to be teaching after we graduate. Then we need to decide whether it falls into the autonomous or ideological frame of literacy. The autonomous frames look at the skills that will be developed and will have effects on an individual socially as well as educationally. While the ideological frame takes a cultural sensitive view and sees curriculum as more of a practice rather than a skill.

I took a look at the Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10 curriculum and I think it fits best under the autonomous frame of literacy. It teaches different skills such as number sense, spatial sense, logical thinking, and mathematics as a human endeavor.  Its goal in teaching these different skills is that students will develop the confidence to use these skills in there every day lives, ongoing education, as well as in the work force.

I think that when creating a math curriculum that it can be a challenge to incorporate cultural sensitive information because lots of the curriculum has to do with calculations that don’t often have context behind it. However, through my education experience the math curriculum had been updated and the “new’ math had more word problems and required more problem solving skills that forced the students to use deeper thinking in order to figure out the calculations they should make. I think those are the areas in which ideological literacy can come in and make connections back to society and allow students to realize the application math has in the real world.


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