Week 2- Cognitive Development

Three things I Learned:

  1. One thing that stuck out to me about Piaget’s theory was that it focused strictly on the development of the child and how they think to make sense of how they develop in each stage.
  2. Another is that Vygotsky’s theory looks more at the relationships and places that surround the child and base their development from that.
  3. Lastly I learned that by looking at how each and every individual is orientated will help us to understand what direction they go with their leaning and development and why they do so.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I can make from this week is through my work experience as a coach. When working with children before the age of 3 lots of them have similar patterns and actions as they are at very similar stages in their development, but when I am working with older child from ages 6-12 you can tell that all 6 year olds or all 8 year old, although the same age, are at very different stages of development both physically and mentally.
  2. Another connection I made is with how your relationships and social surrounding affect your development, because as a child I was given a lot of opportunity to be surrounded by my peers, friends and at a very younger age team mates, and these people allowed me to grow and helped shape who I am.

One Question I Still Have:

  1. After thinking about both of Piaget’s theory and Vygotsky’s theory, is there other theorists like them who has a theory where parts of both Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories?

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