Week 3- Social and Moral Development

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing that was new to me was the different systems Bronfenbrenner’s Theory has, and how each one gets a little broader. The systems are microsystem, mesosystem, ecosystem, and macros system. Starts from immediate relationships such as family and friend groups and expands out to the larger society.
  2. Another thing that I learned was that there are four main types of parenting that can directly affect student’s actions. Students who have strict parents (authoritarian) will generally be those who are more hostile in school, while those parents who have very little control over their children (permissive) will often act very immature and demanding.
  3. Lastly I learned that the background of the individual and the types of people that surround them will have a huge impact on their morals, beliefs, values, and what their perception of right and wrong is.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. A connection I made was with how the brain can have huge effects on how your body functions and reacts. It is easy to see that some students may be lacking sleep not because they come from a home that may not have ideal environments, but because especially in adolescent years’ students are always thinking about what they have to get done or what others may be thinking of them.
  2. Another connection I made was to how teachers play a huge role in the success and relationships of students. In my experiences the teachers who were my favourite were the ones who had a level of respect for students that other teachers may have lacked, and were also the ones who went the extra mile to show that they cared about more than just delivering the curriculum. Those teachers also hold students accountable to a certain level of responsibility that other teachers lacked.

One Question I Still Have:

Something that leaves me still wondering after doing the reading and attending the lecture is how you can begin to create a safe space for students who may be vulnerable due to different culture or gender and begin to teach about these topics without students being uncomfortable or making jokes or inappropriate comments.

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