Week 4- Social Cognitive Views of Learning and Motivation

Three Things I Learned:

  1. There is motivation behind everything you do whether you realize it or not. You are either intrinsically motivated which is the natural human tendency to conquer challenges. Or you are extrinsically motivated which means you are doing something to avoid something else, such as a bad consequence.
  2. Another thing I learned is that when setting goals there four main reasons people do things. The four reasons are direct attention, energized effort, increased persistence, or to promote development of new knowledge and strategies. These goals can be simple such as getting a result from the way you dress, or taking different steps in order to obtain a new job.
  3. Lastly I learned that success and failure can be characterised in terms of locus, stability, and controllability.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made with the self-regulating is looking back on my elementary school years is the students who had parents who were more controlling, or who were not often involved in extracurricular activities were not as good at self-regulating compared to the students who were allowed to make their own decisions and given opportunity to participate in different extracurricular activities and interact with others.
  2. Another connection I made was with self-efficacy. Students who have a positive surrounding in both people and their environment often believe in themselves and their abilities to complete tasks and goals and be successful.

One Question I Still Have:

A question I still have is about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and what type of information he based the order of needs off of, and if it would change if different data may be taken into account.

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