Week 5- Culture and Diversity

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I have learned is that about student’s SES and how their academics are affected directly from that. Students with lower SES typically have a lower reading level compared to those who have higher SES. This is due to the lack of resources, such as books, that those with lower SES are able to provide for their children.
  2. Another thing I learned is that on many standardized forms and surveys taken, such as a “Tell Them from Me” survey, students are required to state their gender as male or female. There are many students out there who do not identify as either and by having to choose or state otherwise this may make them extremely uncomfortable because they may have not publicised their identity due to negative repercussions they may feel they could get from that.
  3. Lastly I learned that students are very quick develop prejudice, by a young age they already recognize difference in students whether it is in there race or SES status. This cause’s development of early discrimination.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made with this content is with the cultural diversity portion. Growing up my school was almost 100% white students due to it being a very small kindergarten to grade twelve rural school. It wasn’t until grade 6 until we had a student who was black. When this student came it was very different for me and my classmates because we had not had exposure to students of a different race. As I entered high school more students came from other countries and the students who were in elementary school did not think anything of it because it was something they grew up with in their classrooms from the start of kindergarten.
  2. Another connection I made was with the gender differences. I went to school with an individual who felt different then the gender they appeared to be. Due to my school being small this made it very difficult for this individual because there was no exposure to gender differences. Part way through high school this individual transferred schools in hopes they would feel more welcome and included somewhere else. Looking back on this now it shouldn’t have gotten to that point. However, I feel like our teachers were not good at teaching about hard topics such as gender identification so students were also uncomfortable with that topic.

One Question I Still Have:

How can we learn to recognize students with invisible barriers? And once they are recognized how can we support them?

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