Week 7- Constructions of School Systems

Three Things I Learned:

  1. Something I learned more about this week was the hidden curriculum and its importance. This is the views and cultural aspects that are included in the curriculum and help shape the views and beliefs that teachers may wish for their students.
  2. Another thing I learned was that our school system has a Factory Model. Teachers are very focused on teaching rules and getting the subject content to the students. With this it looks like we have an aim of producing a certain type of student that knows similar information and can impact society in a certain way.
  3. Last thing I learned is that there are four different philosophies of teaching. They are perennialism (very conservative), essentialism (traditional), progressivism (teacher as facilitator), and reconstructionism (teacher as facilitator).

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made with this week’s content was with the Educational Philosophy. I have started to develop my philosophy and as I continue my journey through each of the different classes, especially education classes, I have learned that education is always changing depending on your community, school, and students, as well as society as a whole.
  2. Another connection I made was with the discussion we had in lecture about the number of women who know who have influenced Canadian history, as well as the number of indigenous individuals we know have influenced Canadian history. When I began to think about the individuals I learned about in grade 1 through 12 there was a very small list of names that came to mind. This made me think about what we are actually teaching and being taught, and made me realise that we need to look more critically at the information we are and aren’t giving our students.

One Question I Still Have:

What role do each of the four educational philosophies play in our curriculum and school systems today?

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