Week 8- Social Identity and School Systems

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I learned was through Anyon’s reading is that each school prepared their students differently depending on whether they are in a wealthier or poor community. The schools hold their students to different standard and the depth they go into content of the curriculum will depend on their socioeconomic status. This way of teaching has an effect on the students future because the wealthier schools prepares students well for university while the poorer school prepare students for the work force.
  2. Another thing I learned is that universal education is what is accessible and free to everyone. Growing up I never realized that some people may not have access to this because I grew up going to school for free with easy access.
  3. Lastly one of the things I learned was that Reproduction Theory, with the idea that everyone has equal opportunities within school. I don’t think that all students have equal opportunity because there will be differences that affect students within schools such as race, gender, socioeconomic class, etc.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made was with the European culture that has been embedded into our schools. It is dominant in the holidays we celebrate, and even in the content that is learned. Looking back at my education I now see how this was reflected. Now with the large amount of immigration and different race and culture within our schools and communities, I think it is important to look at and created places within our teaching that everyone can connect to and relate to so that they can have an educational experience that they feel welcome in and can relate to.
  2. I can also connection with Anyon’s reading because when I was going through it the things and examples that were given and described under middle class sounded much like those that I experienced in both elementary and high school growing up.

One Question I Still Have:

What can we do as a society to provide equal educational opportunities within our communities and schools?

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