Week 9-Constructions of Teacher Professionalism

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I learned this week while exploring the STF website was about teacher salaries. After each year you teach you get an increase in pay. I also never knew that the number of credit hours and years of school you have can increase your salary as well. Different things like Inclusive Education certificates and masters’ degrees all play a part in your salary increase.
  2. Another thing I found interesting was when exploring the Code of Ethics that if you complain about your job or other employees to someone in line at the grocery store, for example, and get caught doing so you could get charged because it isn’t in the best interest for teachers as a collective.
  3. Lastly I learned about the McDowell Foundation for Research Into Teaching. This provides support for research that would have a direct impact on teaching. It funds research to be done within the classroom.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made was with the concern that was brought up about students not getting a job due to high qualification they may have. I am currently working on my Inclusive Education certificate throughout my degree and this was a concern that I had. It was nice to hear that not all schools will hire someone who they may have to pay less even if you fit the job description and have to be paid more.
  2. Another connection I made to the content this week is to how substitute teachers when in that classroom that day are they teachers and take part and follow the guidelines of any other teacher. I think that the students need to see this side of things too, because often the day the substitute comes through the door they immediately think it is a day to goof off and get no work done.

One Question I Still Have:

A question I still have is that is something like and Inclusive Education certificate enough to bump you up to a new pay class or do you need more credit hours than the certificate requires?

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