Week 10- Constructions of Teacher Identity

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I learned this week is that even though you collect different skills and experiences while studying in university there is always going to be situations in your future classroom that you have never had the chance to experience. No matter how prepared you feel after university you will always be learning new things once in the classroom after your degree.
  2. I also learned that there is a stereo type towards all teachers and teaching itself. When everyone things of a classroom they see a teacher a the front of the room with students sitting in rows of desk listen and behaving and being able to learn in a traditional classroom.
  3. Another thing I learned is what a discourse is. Discourse is the growth and constant change you will make as a teacher year to year. It is also the message that the students receive from you as you are teaching.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made to this week’s lecture was that everyone’s definition of what a teacher is and what it means to teach is different. I think that this is closely connected to the values and beliefs each person has and how they are going to present themselves in their classroom. Often when I think about what makes up a teacher I instantly think about who my favourite teacher was growing up and the traits they had.
  2. Another connection I have made to this week’s lecture is that your identity plays a role in who you are as a teacher. I think that each individual’s identity is what creates bias in the classroom and has an effect on the hidden curriculum that they choose to teach and include in their lessons.

One Question I Still Have:

After this lecture, I still wonder if there is a way that our bias and identity can be a benefit within the classroom rather than potentially causing students to be missing out on different views or learning experiences.

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