Week 12- Constructions of School Leaders

Three Things I Learned:

  1. One thing I learned this week about being a principle or authority figure is that there is a lot of different and sometime unexpected situations that you may come across. We talked in the seminar about hoe issues that are legal are often the easier issues to deal with because they are more black and white then some of the moral issues you may deal with like the different in-basket cases we explored.
  2. Another thing I learned is that there is a model for principals to follow when making their vision for their school and setting their school up for the most success possible.
  3. Another thing I learned is that principals have so many different factors to look at when making decisions for their school. They have to satisfy the teachers, students, and parents to help create and maintain a healthy community within and amongst there school and this is hard to do because there are very few situations in which everyone will be happy. This will cause the principals to have to make certain decision and deal with some of the troubles it may bring up and have good reasoning and solutions to these problems.

Two Connections I Made:

  1. One connection I made was with the cases we talked about in the seminar because a lot some of those were things I saw happen in my own school growing up. One situation specifically was with the issue of teachers smoking in sight of the students. It was brought up in seminar that the teachers often received trouble from the students telling them how bad it was for them so that could be considered to be enough punishment for them and the principle may not have to necessarily step in and say anything to them.
  2. Another connection I made was in lecture and the discussion I had with my peers about what we considered a “good” principal to be. Our perceptions were very similar for the most part. One of my peers however grew up in another country and had a principal that did not fit the feature we had been discussing. I connected with this because I have realized that I have been privilege to have had good experiences with the principals in my school growing up.

One Question I Have:

When does a principle have to look to high authority when making decisions for their schools and are there any situations they may encounter that require higher authority to step in and help solve?

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