Wow, I cannot believe that I am writing my last blog post of the semester and that this is the last assignment I need to complete before I am finished my undergrad degree (well besides writing finals). 

Mentoring the EDTC 300 students this semester has been a lot of fun! At the start of the semester I reached out to each student on slack and introduced myself, then the rest of the semester I primarily engaged with my mentees through their blogs.  The students I got to work with had some stellar learning projects which made me excited to come back each week and check out what they have been up to. It ranged from learning a to play a new instrument, to mastering how to use a circuit, to drawing skills, to perfecting a sugar cookie and icing recipe! Amazing! They were all so engaging that it added a few new skills to my forever growing bucket list of things I would like to accomplish. 

However, with mentoring one of the challenges was that my mentees never reached out with any questions (I guess that is a good thing and means they were are already EDTC rock stars!). But this sometimes made me wonder if I was doing a good enough job supporting them and engaging with them throughout the semester!

By having the opportunity to mentor other students it showed me just how complex teaching online can be. I have had the opportunity to instruct courses for mature learners via an online platform, as well as teach lessons in a sport setting online, but I have yet to teach a class to students online. I think the hardest part is making sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of. This experience taught me that communication can be a lot more challenging when you don’t have the luxury of seeing the student in class to remind them of things they need to get in or simply just check in to see how they are doing. This makes having a relationship with your students that much more important so that you are able to recognize when they may be struggling or need some extra help. 

I would like to thank my mentees for sharing so many cool ideas and resources throughout the semester! It was a very rewarding experience. 

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